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2016 ISHS Conference Program

Second Conference of the International Society for Heresy Studies

June 1-3, 2016

New York University
Gallatin School
1 Washington Place

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11:30-6:00, Lobby

12:15-1:30, Room 801
ISHS General Membership Meeting

2:30, Room 527
Roundtable on the 50th Anniversary
Time‘s “Death of God” Issue
with Tom Altizer & Jeff Robbins

Moderator: Jordan E. Miller

Concurrent Panels I:

1. Varieties of Heresies, Room 601
Chair: Jennifer Gurley

Gabriel Mckee: “Persecuted by Bishops”: The Ambivalent Condemnation of Priscillian of Avila
Paul Rowe: Rejecting Divinity: A Study in the Heretical Heroism of Paradise Regained
Jennifer Gurley: ‘Collegiality’: The New Orthodoxy on College Campuses

2. Roundtable on Newsletter and Publishing, Room 527
Moderator: Edward Simon

6:00, Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts
Welcome Address
Gregory Erickson

6:30, Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts
Keynote Conversation
Rebecca Newberger Goldstein & James Morrow
“Two Heretical Novelists in Conversation”

Moderator: Bernard Schweizer

 7:30, Lobby
Opening wine and cheese reception


Concurrent Panels II

3. Religious Oppression/ Resistance, Room 601
Chair: Ed Simon

Serawit Debele: Exercising Freedom of Expression or Supplication to Waqa? Analysing Prayers Recited by the Oromo Elders of Ethiopia in Collective Rituals
Nicole D. Legnani: Writing as Prince and Pontiff: The Heresies of Fray Francisco de la Cruz (d. 1578)

4. Heresy and Television, Room 527
Chair: Gregory Erickson

Gregory Erickson: Questioning Body and Blood in True Blood and The Leftovers: HBO and the Heretical Imperative
Geremy Carnes: Gothic Tensions Between Faith, Science, and Faith in Science in Doctor Who
Megan Goodwin: Yes, There Was Weird Sex Stuff in the Bunker: Sex, Abuse, and Minority Religions

Concurrent Panels III

5. Ethics and Philosophy, Room 801
Chair: James Morrow

Clement Grene: How Do You Solve a Problem like the Baptist?: Jesus as Baptist Heretic
James Morrow: Charles Darwin, Überheretic
Jorge Gomez: Heaven for Heathens: Christopher Hitchens on Cosmic Spirituality
Gauri Viswanathan: Heresy, Occultism, and the Secular Imagination in H.P. Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled

6. Black Rights, Room 527
Chair: Megan Goodwin

John Daniel Holloway, III: The Buried God: Toward a Theology of Black Lives Matter
Jordan Miller: Property, Destruction, and the Pursuit of History: Black Lives Matter and Political Theology
M. Zakaria Asmal: Deconstruction and Reconstruction: Decoloniality and Double Consciousness in Steve Biko’s Conception of Religion

Concurrent Panels IV

7. Language of Heresy, Room 527
Chair: Geremy Carnes

Zachary Domach: Negotiating Heresy in Antiquity: Origen, Sextus, and Pseudo-Isidore
Alexander D’Alisera: Subverting the Synod of Hatfield’s Christology: The Old English Poetry of Heresies in The Dream of the Rood

8. Medievalism and Heretical Myth, Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts
Chair: Suzanne Coley

Suzanne Coley: The Collection “in short form” of Blasphemy in the Liber de Sectis Hereticorum: A New Perspective on Heresy in Twelfth-Century England
Riccardo Facchini: Neocatharism: Origins and Development of an Heretical Myth
Felisa Baynes-Ross: “as trewe religioun techiþ”: Dissent and Spiritual Autonomy in Book to a Mother and Other Religious Manuals
Hannah Kirby Wood: “If we admit them, we shall be driven out”: The Politics of Preaching in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

Concurrent Panels V

9. Reinterpreting Heresy, Room 601
Chair: Mark Hama

Mark Huggins: John Chrysostom’s Preaching of Heresy in the Church: An Examination of His Use of (Pro) Airese and Ekklesia
Bernard Schweizer: Is Humor Inherently Subversive? Comparing the Performances of a Reactionary, a Christian, and a Liberal Comedian
Mark Hama: “Indissoluble Matrimony” and the Heresies of Rebecca West
Daniel Gullotta: Execution of the Penalty: Mormons, Ex-Mormons, Research and the Revealing of Temple Secrets

10. Historical Radicalism, Room 527
Chair: Jordan E. Miller

Tom Altizer: Ultimate Catholic Heterodoxy as a Renewal of Ultimate Catholic Orthodoxy
Mark Novak: Caputo’s Folly: The Weakness of Insisting that God Never Wins
Benjamin Austin: Tactical Histories of Dogma: Deleuze and Strauss on Political Correctness and the Philosopher as Heretical Minority

5:00, Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts
Artist Talk & Discussion
Antonija Livingstone

6:00, Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts
Keynote Address
Jeff Robbins
“Heresy as an Act of Resistance”

7:00, Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts

Temple Autonomy

8:00, North Square Deco Room


Concurrent Panels VI

11. Satanism/ Occultism/ Atheism, Room 601
Chair: Richard Santana

Joe Laycock: Is the Satanic Temple a Religion, or a campaign of trolls, and who gets to decide?
Steve Pinkerton: How Blasphemy Works: Rushdie and the Word
Kristina Groover: “Certainly and Emphatically there is no God”: Defining a Woolfian Spirituality

12. Middle Eastern/ Islamic Views on Heresy, Room 527
Chair: TBA

Hassan Kaplan: Abraham, the Father of Heresy: Reconsidering the Islamic Concept of Hanif (Heretic) in Light of Psycho-spiritual Development
Taraneh Wilkinson: The Double Value of Heresy: Christianity According to Turkish ‘Theologians’
Suhaan Mehta: Music and/or Islam in Shoaib Mansoor’s Film Khuda Kay Liye (In the Name of God) (2007)

Concurrent Panels VII

13. Theoretical Readings of Heresy and Religion, Room 601
Chair: John Daniel Holloway, III

Matthew Brake: Abundance Over Scarcity: Constructing a Nietzschean Theology
Christian Jimenez: The Origins of a Misunderstanding?: Esotericism, Rousseau, and His (Alleged) Doctrine on the Goodness of Man
Evan Goldstein: The Ways of Diaspora: Judith Butler’s Jewish Trouble

14. Heretical Politics: Theories of History, Room 401
Chair: Sharmila Mukherjee

Sharmila Mukherjee: Frantz Fanon and the Heresy of Violence
Joshua Mugler: Keeping the Past Alive (Or Not): Antioch and the ‘Jacobites’
Stuart McWilliams: Of Heresiarchy: Ruptures in Thought-time

1:00-2:00, Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts
Reading of a Work-in-Progress

Sarah Barry
A Modern Theatrical Adaptation of the King David Story

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