2018 ISHS Conference Program » ISHS: International Society for Heresy Studies

2018 ISHS Conference Program

Draft Programme for the Third Conference of the International Society for Heresy Studies with the Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature

15-16 June 2018

Senate House, Bloomsbury

Friday 15 June

9:00-9:30         Registration

9:30-11-00       Parallel Panels A

1.  Space, Place and Boundaries in 19th/20th Century Literature and Culture

Dr Karina Jakubowicz  (Independent), ‘Heresy in Paradise: Reimagining The Garden of Eden in Early Twentieth Century Literature’

Matthew Ingleby  (QMUL), ‘Matthew Arnold and the Heresy of Anarchist Railings’

Arshad Aziz Siddiqui (Aligarh Muslim University) ‘G.B. Shaw’s Saint Joan: Heresy and Sainthood: A Perspective’

2.  Bodies and boundaries

Tero Nauha (Academy of Finland), ‘The heresy of artistic practice and the lived body in performance’

Taraneh R. Wilkinson  (Georgetown University) ‘The Blessing (?) Of Blurrred Boundaries in Comparative Theology’

Bernard Schweizer (Long Island University), ‘Humour and Boundaries: Rethinking the Heresy of Laughter’

11:00-11:30     Coffee / tea break

11:30-13:00     Keynote: Dr Devorah Baum (University of Southampton)

13:00-14:00     Lunch (Provided)

14:00-15:30     Parallel Panels B

3.  (Un)orthodox literary modernisms

Suzanne Hobson (QMUL), ‘Modernism, Internationalism and the “Heresy of Disinterestedness”’

Henry Mead (Oxford University), ‘New Agers and Egoists: Two Forms of Modernist Heresy’

Christos Hadjiyiannis (Oxford University / University of Cyprus), ‘Spilt Poetics: Heresy in Classical Modernism’

4.  Heresio(theo)logies

Morten Beckmann (University of Agder, Norway), ‘”Christological Orthodoxy was always there” – creating Orthodoxy in Bible Translation’

Rob Heaton     (University of Denver / Illif School of theology), ‘Bede, John of Damascus, and the Ongoing Appeal of Heresiological Tactics in Eighth-Century Christianity’

Thomas Creedy (South West London Vineyard Church), ‘The Pneumatochian Heresy: The Wild Goose, the Charismatic/Pentecostal Movement and the border-crossing role of the Holy Spirit’

15:30-16:00     Coffee / tea break

16:00-17:00     Parallel Panels C

5.  Early Modern Border Crossings

Yi-Jye Christy Wang (Oxford University), ‘Heresy for the Sake of Orthodoxy: a Case Study of the 1621 Controversy over Sir Henry Finch’s The Calling of the Jews’

Mike A. Zuber (Oxford University) ‘Heretics without Borders: Peter and Sophia Regina Moritz in Germany, the Low Countries, and England’

6.  Heresy Studies (special panel on editing Reading Heresy: Religion and Dissent in Literature and Art [2017])

Gregory Erickson (New York University)

Bernard Schweizer (Long Island University)

Tess Brewer (New York University), ‘Categorizing Jesus: Indexing Reading Heresy’

17:00-18:00     Guest speaker: Daniel Trilling (editor of New Humanist)


Saturday 16 June

9/9:30-11:00   Parallel Panels D

7.  (9:00 start) Medieval heresies at large

Saku Pihko (University of Tampere, Finland) ‘Talk and the Borders between Heresy and Orthodoxy in 13th Century Languedoc’

Kersti Francis (University of California, LA) ‘Sodomite, Sinner, Sorcerer: The Multiplicity of Medieval Heresy’

Rafael Bosch (State University of Campinas), ‘Scholastic Heresy and political affairs in the eleventh and twelfth centuries’

Stuart McWilliams (Åbo Akademi University) Commune of Saints: The Remains of Leftist Medievalism

8.  (9:30 start) The fantastic, the gothic and the occult

Aren Roukema (Birkbeck, University of London), ‘The Christian Occultism of Charles Williams’

Geremy Carnes (Lindenwood University), ‘Catholicism in English Gothic Literature: How Heresy Became Entertainment’

Rob Dickins (QMUL), ‘The Liminographers: Writing Mediumship and Spiritual Authority in mid-Victorian England’

11:00-11:30     Coffee / tea break

11:30-13:00     Parallel Panels E

9.  (Post)colonial Histories of Heresy

Gauri Viswanathan (Columbia University) ‘Mining the Heretical Past: Christian Heresy in the Framework of Colonial Difference’

Shagufta Anjum (Aligarh Muslim University) ‘Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines: A Mirage of Enigmatic borders of Nation and Nationhood’

Mriganka Mukhopadhyay (University of Amsterdam), ‘“Beloved Witch”: A Case Study of Ipsita Roy Chakraverty and the Wiccan Movement in India’

10.  American countercultures and new political orthodoxies

Guy Stevenson (Goldsmiths, University of London), ‘The Tyranny of Cool: Orthodoxy, Heresy and the 1960s Counterculture’

Ben Austin (Boston University) ‘Immanent Eschaton: Dissimulations of Goddess in Discordianism, Deleuze, and David Foster Wallace’

Michael Collins (Texas A&M University), ‘American Heresy in American Pastoral

13:00-14:30     Lunch (on your own)

14:30-16:00     Keynote: Anshuman Mondal (UEA), ‘Hate Speech, Free Speech and Religious Freedom’ 

16:00-16:30     Coffee / tea break

16:30-18:00     Parallel Panels F

11.  Joycean Heresies for Bloomsday

Gregory Erickson (New York University), ‘A Modernist Heresy: Gnosticism, James Joyce and the Reversal of History’

Allison Grace Myers (Texas State University), ‘The Rites of Bloom: The Involuntary Performance of Religious Rituals in Ulysses’

Michael J. Abraham (Yale University), ‘Gender Fantasy and the Inversion of the Castration Complex in Ulysses’

12.  Varieties of Religious Exclusion (Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English panel)

Tessa Whitehouse (QMUL) ‘I know I write to a man of Candour’: Arianism and international cross-confessional friendship c.1700

Emily Vine (QMUL), ‘”Here is the Cursed Jew Priest that ordered the Woman and her Child to be Burnt”’: rumours of Jewish infanticide in Early Modern London’

Caroline Bowden (QMUL), ‘Interior boundaries: acceptance and rejection in enclosed monastic communities of English women 1565-1700’

19:30               Conference dinner


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